Women I Work With is a blog about professional women and how they express their personal style, started by me, Mary Deelsnyder.

I started this blog because I worked in a hyper-stylized culture (which I loved) and everyday was a runway. Working side-by-side with women shaping retail culture was very inspiring. I wondered what it would be like to sit down with them and talk about their stylish lives. So, I began by asking a handful of women if they would go on this adventure with me and they did!

This has been one of the best projects I’ve ever created. It is an honor to listen to women’s stories, write about them, photograph them and then watch as people react with appreciation and love.

The current chapter of this blog extends beyond the walls of my 9-5 job and will feature women entrepreneurs. There are so many stylish women leading their own companies, I want to tell their stories too. My joy in life is to tell the world about the value, beauty and style of women in business.