“Justice requires an accomplice.” -Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler

This week in a team meeting, we watched a TEDTalk about unlikely allies by Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler. “Justice requires an accomplice.” Those words hit me because they made me finally understand that I am required to make change.⁠

I think there are times in life when you realize that you need to be quiet and just listen. That’s where my head has been since I saw the murder of George Floyd. I’m seeking understanding and (re)educating myself on topics I thought I already understood. Ally-ship requires responsibility and I’m working on my qualifications to earn the title, Ally. ⁠

Women I Work With is a personal project and I don’t think people are looking for my press releases on current events. But I do feel a responsibility to the women who have committed their time and told me their stories to assure them that I am engaging in anti-racist work and believe Black lives matter.⁠

My commitment to becoming qualified as an ally will be reflected in my actions and participation in my community more than explicit social media posts. While social content is useful, I am a woman of action and it’s where I believe I will have the most impact. ⁠

I’m sorry it took me so long.

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